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Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Community Service

Mission Statement: To combine our love of sewing and fabric with our love of community, to benefit our local community. When possible, have the making of charity quilts and other projects be a fun and learning experience.

Our Beneficiaries: The Community Service Committee (CSC) has identified 2 initial groups it plans to support: 

 Next Move Emergency Housing; They need twin, double, and queen size bed quilts for use in the shelters and for people re-establishing homes.

SAW (Sac Area Woodworkers) – They need doll quilts in two sizes. These quilts are paired with doll beds for donation to local children. 

Guild members are encouraged to bring forth ideas of other groups and their special needs. Requests for ongoing support or one-time needs (such as for a charity auction) will be considered. Projects need not be quilts, just things that use our sewing skills and the type of fabric that members are accustomed to sewing.

Projects will be created on Charity Sew Days ( CSD). CSD's will be held monthly after the regular meeting or on an alternate date. Ideally each CSD will use a new technique/skill so our members can grow as sewists while creating unique items for our charity recipients.Volunteers will be needed to coordinate : the project, recipient, completion of project, and delivery. 

Do you have a charity you would like to help? A technique you want to share? Volunteer to be a Charity Sew Day Leader! Leaders will teach the lesson for the CSD and coordinate completion of the project.

Please contact our community service chairperson, Lynn Kraus, for more details.( email is on the membership list)